iPhone free ringtone download! 3 major website music for you to choose

Want to make your favorite iPhone ringtones, but can’t find suitable audio file download resources? This article has compiled 3 websites for you to ” download iPhone ringtones for free ” , whether you like popular Chinese , Western , Japanese and Korean songs , or nostalgic songs , light music ! Let’s take a look at how to download it!

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1. MP3 Juices Free MP3 Download

  The first thing I want to introduce is this ” MP3Juices ” free MP3 download site . Basically the music you want to find will be available here. The detailed download instruction is as follows:

Step 1
  Please click the link below , enter the webpage and enter the ” song you want to find” Keyword “, and then press ” Magnifying Glass ” to search .


step two.
  After the search results appear, you can click “ PLAY ” to preview the song . If you are sure you want to download , just click “ Download ” to save the song to your computer .

2. Amacha Music Studio

  ”Amacha Music Studio “” is a collection of original music materials created by the site owner Amacha, and it is free for everyone to download and use, and no login and registration are required . It is really a Buddhist heart! There are many types of music on the website, whether it is light , sad , popular , weird and different types of instruments are included.

Step 1
  First, please click the link below to enter the website. There are some music categories in the left row . You can choose the type you like to listen to.

Click me to go to “甘茶の音楽工房”

step two
  If you want to listen to or download a song, please click the “ blue arrow ” icon in thelower right corner.

Step 3
  Then the page of the music player will be displayed , click on the right ”  “> ” Download ” to download the music to your computer.

3. Audio Library music library copyright-free soundtrack

  The last thing to share is the ” Audio Library ” copyright-free music library that many video creators love to use . It provides various types of soundtracks and sound effects , and it is also very suitable for use as mobile phone ringtones or reminders!

Step 1
  Please click on the link below , enter the music library and find a song you like; then change the ” youtube ” in the address bar to ” backupmp3 “, and then press the keyboard ” Enter “.


Step 2    After
  entering the “ Online Downloader ” page, click the “ MP3 ” button to save the audio files to the computer.
  After downloading free MP3 audio files , how to make them into iPhone ringtones? Please click on the article “How to make iPhone ringtones “, which will teach you how to make it step by step!

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